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I'm Truly Honored To Be Apart Of YOUR Day , YOUR Lifetime Memory ! I'm Always Excited ! We're Going To Have A Great Time! Before We Get Into The Fun Stuff, I've Listed Q&A's Most Brides May Have . At Any Time Feel Free To Ask Specific Questions/Concerns Catered To You.

Is my deposit refundable if I am not able to make it to my appointment on time? 

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once deposit is received the appropriate date/time will be blocked, materials will be purchased if required. Deposits are also used for booking additional makeup artist(s) if required. Your appointment is not booked until deposit is paid. 

What if my date is no longer available when I pay my deposit? 

If your date/time is no longer available when you pay your deposit, your full deposit will be refunded in full.

How long will my makeup last? 

Your makeup will last more than 5+ hours. Results varies with each individual . You will receive a bride touch-up kit.

What if I need to remove name(s) after the contract has been signed? 

Once the contract is signed the amount contracted will not decrease, it will remain the same. It is important the Bride finalizes who will be apart of the bridal party/team prior to signing.The Bride is responsible for the final payment.

What if I need to add more names to the bridal after the contract has been signed? 

It is best to let the artist know as soon as possible if you need to add more names to the schedule. Suziana Johnson can complete up to 4 makeovers without assistance,  any more than 4 person an additional makeup artist may be added to assist with the makeovers. Please notify Suziana Johnson as soon as possible of any additional makeovers so she can ask another artist to block out the day and time. Persons can be added only if approved by Suziana Johnson and if time permits.

I'd like to change locations half way through the makeup schedule, is this possible?

Suziana cannot move makeup set up without an additional travel fee ($150) Suziana MUST be notified in advance if a location change/ room change will occur prior to arrival. Location changes include room changes in the same building or moving from upstairs to downstairs or room to room. This causes the schedule to delay 20+minutes. You may update Suziana with the room update no less than 2 hours prior to arrival. Change of address may result in increase of travel fee.

What if my Bridal Party is running late for the scheduled appointment?

Suziana Johnson operates on STRICT schedule. It is customized to ensure the Bride is on-time. It is of the utmost importance that all Brides/Bridal Party Members take the timing schedule very seriously and not be late. It is the Brides duty to ensure all bridal members have showered, brush teeth, hair is complete, ate, etc prior to scheduled seating. $150 late fee will be applied to the remaining balance after 10 minute grace period. 

How much is your travel fee?

Each location is different and will require a custom quote. Base fee for travel is an additional $150 between Bronx,NY and White Plains,NY locations from SuzieKueArtistry studio. Other locations included in base fee is Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn. Toll and parking fee will be added to final balance if required.

Can each individual in my bridal party go online and make their own payment for their makeup application?

The Bride is responsible for the final payment as stated on the contract. The bridal members may provide payment to the Bride and the Bride will give the balance on the wedding date.Tips are welcomed on location.

How do I know when my appointment is booked? 

Please call/email Suziana Johnson when your deposit is made. Provide receipt of payment via Zelle/Western Union. A copy of the contract will be emailed will updated information.

Do I need to purchase my own lashes and have you apply them?

You may purchase your own pair of strip lashes if preferred. I will also supply strip lashes (included in price) Must be consulted and approved before makeup appointment if you will be getting individual eyelash extensions. 

Will you be on site at the wedding for my touch ups?

You will be provided with a bride touch up kit, includes sample lip color, powder, oil blotting sheets, makeup brush. Your makeup application will last until you wash it off at the end of the night. Light oil blotting may be necessary.  Please keep a tissue on hand for tears/sweat/oil blotting.

Hourly rates are available and will vary based on needs; please email me for further details.

What does the makeup application include?

Full face makeup application includes brow sculpting, eye shadow shading, highlighting and contouring, blush, false lash application (optional), eye liner, lips, prepping/setting skin. 


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